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7 Reasons to Switch to an Electric Bike

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I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle. Queen said it best in their song, “Bicycle Race,” but the times have changed. Bikes are no longer two wheels attached to a metal frame. Instead, the world is taking a turn towards electric bikes – and for all the right reasons. Here are the top seven reason you should be switching to an e-bike.


Travel further on a bike without all the sweat and pain

This is one major benefit of riding an electric bike that extends far into other benefits, so it’s a great place to start this list of top seven reasons to ride an e-bike.

On an electric bicycle, you can travel further while exerting less energy.  This is important because, often times, you limit your bicycle riding duration to how much your body can handle. With an e-bike, the hills are flattened and your body can take a rest whenever it’s needed – without ever stopping. As a result, you can e-bike all around town for hours on end without ever feeling the sweat, pain, and agony that restricted your riding previously.

Riding an electric bicycle does not only take away the pain and sweat of walking, jogging or traditional cycling, it is also a good alternative for public transportation. If you do not agree with this, simply remember the last time you rode a crowded bus that even the driver had to be standing. If you have been through a lot of frustration searching for answers to your commuting woes in Google, simply type e-bike and you will see hope. Also, if you have worries about starting to ride an electric bicycle, know that learning to use an electric bicycle is very easy that there are even DIY kits out there. You don’t have to be an engineer or a scientist to own an electric bike. In a technology-driven society, it is really great to ride something that is really technology-driven. It is so high-tech that in some electric bikes, you might mistake a battery for a water bottle.

Consider an all-purpose fat bike. Imagine that you have a bit of over 100 miles of mileage on it. At this rate, you would already have tried everything from high-speed runs on pavement to commuting, to tooling around to trail riding on technical as well as non-technical trails. You simply would not be able to stop thinking that electric bikes are really the future. If you have owned an electric bike for 20 years and owned say 20 different motorcycles from Russian sidecar bikes to Japanese dual sports, you will acknowledge that electric bicycles have their own unique way of giving fun. You would really love the effortlessness of the drive train and the quiet performance. You would really love to relish the instant power and the fact that all you have to do is come home, dust all of it, lube the chain sometimes and plug the battery back in to get right back out the next day.


Explore more on an electric bicycle

Since you can go further on an e-bike, you’re able to explore more of this wonderful planet by foot, or rather, by pedal. You no longer have to turn around at big hills for fear of having to climb back up them and you never have to stop the fun because your body is sore. Oh, and the sights you will see that you’ve been missing on a regular bike will amaze you.

If you are into off-road exploring, mountain bikes and fat bikes are what you need. Actually, there are all-purpose bikes out there that can be good for off-road exploration too. Electric mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes but they incorporate specialized features that improve durability and high-performance on rough terrain. They usually include a front or full suspension, large knobby tires, more durable wheels, more powerful brakes and lower gear ratios to climb steep slopes. You usually ride mountain bikes on mountain trails, fire roads, singletrack and other unpaved surfaces. The kind of terrain for mountain bikes usually have roots, rocks, steep grades and loose dirt. A lot of trails have extra TTFs or technical trail features like log rides, log piles, skinnies, rock gardens, wall rides and gap jumps. Electric mountain bikes are designed to handle these kinds of features and terrain. The heavy-duty construction paired with wider rims and stronger tires has made this kind of bicycle popular with couriers and urban riders who have to navigate through curbs and potholes. Sometimes, mountain bikes are called ATBs or all terrain bikes.

A fatbike is an off-road bicycle that has oversized tires, usually 3.8 inches or larger and 2.6 inch rims or wider, made for low ground pressure to let riders ride on soft terrain like sand, snow, bogs and mud. Fatbikes are built around frames with wide forks and stays to allow for the wide rims needed to fit the tires. The wired tires could be used with inflation pressures that are as low as 340 hPA or 5 psi which allows for a smooth ride through rough obstacles. A rating of 550-690 hPa (8-10psi) is suitable for most of the riders. Fatbikes are also called snow bikes. A folding bicycle is a bike made to fold into compact form, that aids in storage and transport. When folded, the bikes can be more easily carried anywhere you want to go. You can carry them inside buildings, public transportation and can be easily stored in compact living quarters or aboard a boat, car or plane. The folding mechanisms differ, with each one providing an unique combination of folding ease, folding speed, ride, compactness, durability, weight and price. They are distinguished by the complexities of the folding mechanism, greater number of parts, demanding structural needs and more specialized market appeal. Based on these, folding bikes might be more expensive than non-folding ones. The choice of model, aside from considerations of cost is just a matter of resolving the many practical requirements, a quick easy fold, a compact folded size and a faster but less compact mode.


Reduce your carbon footprint

Being able to travel further distances on an electric bike instantly reduces your carbon footprint. You can commute anywhere and everywhere; there’s no distance too far. As such, you can travel to all the places you need to go, without ruining the environment in the meantime. The less you have to use your car, the fewer chemicals get emitted into the air. So, jump on your e-bike to save the world one pedal at a time.

In a world where reusing, reducing and recycling are more and more becoming the norms, a lot of us are finding ways to minimize our impact on the environment. Many people find solutions such as carpooling, cycling or walking but electric bicycles are not far-off from the public’s solutions. Electric bikes offer commuters a zero-emission alternative to travelling by car, and a method of transport that will not let them arrive their workplaces hot and exhausted. A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently showed that the increased exertion of cyclists on standard bicycles, including exhaling more carbon dioxide negated any environmental advantages of standard bicycles over electric bicycles. The study found that riding an electric bicycle produces more than ten times less greenhouse gas compared to driving a sedan. Additionally, the ease of using electric bikes could encourage users to travel longer distances than they would consider using a traditional bike. The environmental impact of the batteries used in electric bikes and the effects of generating electricity is insignificant compared to the potential benefits.

The environmental protection agency reports that road transport makes up 22% of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK alone, as well as increasing noise pollution and reducing air quality. Along with not having any of these issues, electric bikes represent a move towards making safer neighborhoods with less motor traffic on roads during busy periods. Issues that could deter the average commuter from cycling, like climbing hills and tackling head winds are negligible with the use of an electric bicycle. With these concerns taken out of the equation, more and more environmentally-minded car users are going to electric bicycles. The responsibility of reducing carbon footprint rests with the government and its citizens. For the government, this means making infrastructure and public transportation services to allow for a greater demand. For the citizens, it means committing to make a change on a personal level. The world has reached the point where transportation, 80% of which is in automobiles, is the single largest source of carbon dioxide. We can talk about making our buildings more efficient and buying LED bulbs, but it is our cars, and our car-oriented mentality, as well as our car culture that is killing everyone.


Save an abundance of money

While purchasing an e-bike is a larger investment upfront, the amount of money you save in the long run is incredible. Since you don’t have to use your car to get to where you need to go, you don’t have to fill up on a gas near as often. And as you know, fuel prices are one sure fire way to break the bank.

To eliminate the impact of making a large initial investment, we have financing options e-bike purchases.

If you use an electric bicycle, an e-bike can actually save you money and pay for itself in a short time. The evolution of electric bikes is synonymous to the evolution of footwear, there is simply no stopping it. Buying an electric bike is definitely smart money. The first thing that buying an electric bike does to your finances is that it saves you gas money. This one is pretty obvious. It only costs a couple of cents to charge the battery of an electric bike and this can let you travel up to 20 miles. An electric bike, because of its light weight and efficient electric motor is a lot more efficient than even the most efficient gas-powered cars. Make up your mind, especially if you are not sure if gas prices are going to rise again. Owning a car or two cars for that matter is expensive, not only for the price of fuel but for the monthly costs like insurance, maintenance, parking and storage. If you can get ride one of your two cars and replace it with an e-bike, you could pay for the full price of the bike along with its monthly costs in no time. It would also help your other car last longer.

An e-bike definitely saves time. If you consider traffic, parking, etc., an e-bike in a big city could be more efficient in terms of time compared to a car and definitely more efficient than walking. As the saying goes, “Time is money.” As for parking and toll fees, electric bikes can be locked to any post, just like traditional bicycles. Like a bicycle, they are not required to pay tolls on autoways or bridges. There is also no insurance or annual registration renewal involved. Electric bikes offer cheap recreation for the bored because they are fun to ride. If you ride your e-bike instead of doing some form of costly entertainment like skydiving, riding motorcycles or going to the movies, you save money. Riding around an e-bike in your community is like having a vacation near your house. Electric bicycles are very healthy and keep you healthy so you avoid health costs. An electric bicycle can also be good for emergency purposes and a good way to get somewhere fast. It can also let you go on cheap dates and having a good time with a romantic partner. It also lets you get groceries instead of eating out.


Get your daily exercise in

Regular exercise is crucial to your overall health. It’s recommended that each person gets a minimum of 20 minutes a day of constant, heart-pumping movement. However, this can be hard to do when you have a million other things to do during the day.

With an electric bike, you can easily get more exercise in your day because you can finally bike to where you need to go, as opposed to driving.  The best part is that you can also exercise as much as you want. If you’re feeling zonked after a long pedal, you can activate your electric bike to take over or to assist with the movements.

The health benefits of cycling are well known and having an exercise plan with an e-bike can give you more. A lot of people suffer from not exercising enough and being busy all the time or having health problems like knee injuries can restrict the kind of exercise that you can do. Electric bikes are an ideal solution for all of these problems. Electric bikes are designed to be used in pedal assist mode. This means that you can either do the pedaling and assist the motor or both and you can even do without the pedaling. This means that you can choose how much assistance you get from the motor and how much effort you need to make to get the right power and speed for certain terrain. Riding an electric bike on pedal assist mode can be considered as a moderate form of exercise and NHS guidelines recommend that adults should have at least 150 minutes or 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate exercise every week. Therefore, it can be said that a person who uses an electric bike to ride to work meets the recommendations of necessary physical activity. Electric bikes provide good exercise and therefore reduce stress, boost a person’s immunity, reduce the risks of heart disease, improve your mood, helps you feel and look 10 years younger, lose weight and get fit and lastly, move ahead of the pack. Regular exercise boosts the body’s defenses by up to 50 percent and you are not just cycling, you are also avoiding germs. Regular use of electric bikes can help you alleviate mild depression and anxiety.


Eliminate your use of public transportation

Public transportation is great when you need it but it’s still a pain. You have to arrange your schedule to suit the transportation times; you have to wake up early or stay late just to catch the right schedule and then, you have to sit amongst an abundance of strangers in a crowded area.

With an e-bike, you can get around more easily. Since you can travel further, you can trade in your city bus pass or subway membership and take to the streets on your electric bike instead. It’s a much more pleasant way to commute.

According to a recent survey, 34% of British people would switch to an electric bike from public transport. This is evidence enough of how inconvenient, costly and time-consuming public transport has become even in a country like the UK. This is no surprise considering the population levels of countries all over the world. This is especially true in major cities like London, New York, Beijing and Tokyo. Not only are people shifting to electric bikes, they are even becoming more and more evangelical about getting electric bikes. It’s not just the traffic and the nuances of public transport, electric bikes are really nothing short of a miracle and have positioned to public awareness just in the nick of time. Most of the batteries in electric bikes are detachable from the bike frame and lets you recharge them through a regular plug socket anytime you like, which could take around three to five hours. You also don’t need a license to ride an electric bike or pass any kind of test, so you are not legally obliged to wear a helmet, although it is recommended that you do wear one at all times.
Even if the electric bicycle is not foldable, their durable yet lightweight material makes electric bikes easy to carry around.


Enjoy your surroundings and the fresh air

You’ve heard the saying of, ‘getting a breath of fresh air’ and that’s because your body needs the clean oxygen to keep your mind, body, and emotions running smoothly. Fresh air helps eliminate all those harmful toxins and detox your body of the electronic waves polluting your brain.


And that’s only skimming the surface of the benefits that come from riding an electric bicycle. So, get outdoors, commute, enjoy the scenery and fresh air and achieve optimal health for both you and the environment with an e-bike.


Browse our best-selling e-bikes and find the perfect electric bicycle that’ll change your life. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever went without. You’ll even find yourself preaching the benefits of electric bikes to everyone you come across. So, cash in on it by joining our e-bike affiliate program.

Some electric bikes were designed to be all-around and all-purpose. They have fat wheels that can let them run on sand, sturdy frames and powerful motors that can let them climb slopes and go through rough terrain, sleek design that lets them look good in city streets and even foldable so you could carry them around easily, store them quickly anywhere even under your office desk. With all of these features, you can truly enjoy fresh air leisurely like a Sunday drive around your neighborhood or cruisingly fast like a racing cyclist driving near the cliffs of a coastline. You can do these too on any busy day and not just weekends, vacations or holidays. Electric bikes are zero-emissions so you have no problems of smelling smog and soot from an exhaust that could cause headaches and stress. Only a few vehicles can provide all of these benefits and there is nothing quite like an electric bike. From 2000 to 2010, the number of bicycle commuters across the United States alone has increased by 40 percent and these numbers were as high as 77 percent in some cities, according to Forbes.

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