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Best Folding Electric Bike for College

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Determining the best folding electric bikes for college environments, or for someone that has limited space can be challenging.  We'll break down some of the things to consider and point you toward some of our favorites.

First of all, what is a folding electric bike? A foldable electric bike or bicycle is an electric-powered bicycle that is designed in such a way that it can fold into a compact form for storage.  Although it is electric-powered you can also pedal the bicycle in order to provide assistance and increase your speed and range.  

The major factors to consider when selecting and figuring out the best folding electric bike for college are the following:

1. What is your budget for electric bicycling transportation?  You'll want to allocate about 3/4 of this to the bike and save the rest for accessories and maintenance.

2. How far do you need to travel each day?  If you live on a college campus or will be using the bike for short trips you may be just fine with a 20-30 mile range, if you're commuting 10+ miles each day or riding hills often you may want more than this.

3. What speed do you want to travel?  Buying an electric bike with a higher voltage will allow you to travel faster and will provide more assistance when climbing hills.

Considering these factors based on your situation, you should be able to make a better decision of which electric bike to buy.

We offer a large selection of foldable electric bikes and we think there are plenty of good options there.

One of our favorite budget folding electric bike for college environments is the E-Mojo Lynx 36V.  The fat tires offer plenty of suspension, it ships with Kenda brand tires, is fitted with Shimano components, and gets into a very compact form factor for your dorm room, RV, or boat.  It is available in several color configurations.

e-mojo lynx folding electric bike


Another great option for someone wanting to spend a bit more for a more traditional looking bike complete with a higher top tube and includes front suspension is the Prodeco Phantom X2.  You can't go wrong with this bike featuring a Rock Shox fork and rack for transporting books or groceries.  This is a premier folding electric bike for college.

prodeco phantom x2

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