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Cheap Electric Bikes in 2018

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Cheap Electric Bikes in 2018 | City and Mountain Electric Bikes

Are you looking for Cheap Electric Bikes with a starting budget ~ $1000? Then you've come to the right place. 

Quick note: We use the word cheap in this article in the sense that these bikes are an excellent value and these vendors have not sacrificed quality in the interest of offering low-cost, or cheap electric bikes.

Electric Bikes are one of 2018's top growing forms of transportation.  We have hand selected our favorite and some of the most cheap electric bikes (as in awesome value) leading the way in 2018. These e-bikes have everything you need, without upgrades like LCD screens, smart pedal assist systems, belt drives, mid-motors, cadence or pressure sensors in the mid-motor, upgraded pedals, upgraded seats, ergonomic handles, brand-name lithium ion batteries, or magnesium wheels.

Overall Winner: Cheap Electric Bikes (ON SALE) $1,379

Alva+ is on sale for $1,379 (MSRP $3,399) includes free shipping.

 cheap electric bikes a2b alva plus


Our most expensive choice is on clearance for as limited time. This bike has extremely high range and other upgrades not found in any other bikes at this price. If you are looking for great suspension and upgrades like hydraulic disc brakes, integrated lights, durable tires, and a 1-year warranty all for an extremely low price, think fast!

Best Value under $1000: Cheap Electric Bikes (City) $999


cheap electric bikes populo

Leading the pack, The POPULU is efficient in design, weight and power while keeping a simple look. The Populo Sport has found a way to create an easy transition for anyone looking to enter the world of E-Bikes. These Affordable city bikes will add pedal assisting feature without sacrificing unnecessary weight or size.



Trail Winner: Cheap Electric Bikes (Mountain)

X-Treme Trail Climber Elite 24V Step-Through Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike (MSRP $999) includes free shipping.

cheap electric bikes x-treme

Mountain electric bikes offer the durability and stability of a classical ride with the best suspension to help you power up those rocky hills. . Electric Mountain Bikes are becoming hugely popular due to there ability to help mountain bikers to help them achieve harder trails and rides!


Best Compact: Cheap Electric Bikes (Foldable)


cheap electric bikes x-treme

Are you looking for a bike that you can fold up and store in an practically any trunk? Foldable electric bikes are the future of portable transportation for there power assistance and there high level of transportation. These bikes appeal to travelers and those trying to get X-Treme while trying to stay low in storage.


Order the Best Cheap Electric Bikes Under $1000 today from Electric Bike City. Free shipping + insurance on all of our E-Bikes. Order an Alva Plus today and receive a free gift!

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