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E-bike Safety 101

Posted by Rose Joie Javier on

Remember when Mama made you put on all this gear before you go out and ride you bike? Well now that you're an adult, Mama is still right!

electric bicycle safety tips

Nowadays, Electric Bikes are a great way to get around while serving your part for Mother Earth. It saves you money and gas too! But before you hit the road, hear are a few tips that will ensure your ride is safe and secure,


1. WEAR A HELMET - fitted for you. Don't just get something that looks cool on you. Get something that's actually functional. It protects your face from the sun and it will protect your head from injuries (*knock on wood*)

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2. USE YOUR LIGHTS - When I was a kid, I used to think these things are useless until I found out that some people ride at night, not just for recreational purposes but they ride to work, they ride from work to go home. And most deadly bicycle accidents happen at night. How do you protect yourself when the sun goes down? It’s simple: put lights on your bike. The more the better. Those dinky reflectors that came on your bike simply aren’t good enough. Do you really want to pin your hopes for survival on a flimsy piece of plastic designed to be the cheapest way to minimally fulfill an outdated law?

Use at least one blinking front (white) and rear (red) LED light on your ebike. Even better, put more than one of each. An additional light on your helmet is even better. Spoke lights are great too. Anything that makes you more visible at night will greatly decrease your chances of being hit by a car. 

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3. USE A HORN AND A BELL - Yes, install them both on your bike. This ensures that you can and will be heard whenever you ride. The bell is warning pedestrians and the horn is warning cars. Make sense?

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4. TAKE THE LANE - This rule is a tale as old as time. Ride on the right side of the road, and please don't ride against traffic!

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5. CHECK YOUR TIRES - Keep your tires properly inflated. Not only does this help you improve your e-bike range, but it will also give you better control should you need to react quickly to avoid a collision. Keep your tires topped off so you have the best chance to staving off a crash when milliseconds count. While you’re at it, check your tire tread and make sure your tires aren’t bald. Worn tires and e-bikes are a bad combination due to all that extra power you’re packing.

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