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Electric Bikes for Commuting, the next practical choice.

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The future of electric bikes for commuting and in general is bright as more and more and more companies are becoming more customer-centric in designing and bringing out the best features of their bikes. Cycling is not just a mere weekend hobby anymore. With a lot of people becoming more health conscious they’re looking for products they can utilize more than just on the weekends. Buying an electric bicycle for commuting and for fun just might be one of the best investments you can buy for yourself.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article asking if you should Trade in Your Car for an E-Bike. They point out that an E-bike offers the perfect combination of moderate exercise and efficient transport from point A to B. With many E-bikes now offering great features such as long distance range, such as the new 2019 A2B Speed, which allows you to travel up to 45 miles, more and more E-bike commutes are becoming possible. According to CNBC the average commute length is 26.1 minutes in a car (around 16 miles) and, if you commute to a full-time job this would add up to 4.3 hours per week or over 200 hours (more than 9 days) per year. Now if you consider that the average speed you travel in a car is just 30 mph you can see how an E-bike that offers 28 mph speeds would make a whole lot of sense for mental & physical health.

A2B Alva + 36V Electric Bike Electric City Bikes - Electric Bike City

More customers are actually already turning to their bikes for their daily commute.

With gas prices spiking at an all time high, these customers are looking for something that can actually replace what they use everyday and more. Electric bikes in 2019 are lighter, have longer ranges, and will not consume as much space as a car, accessibility is also as easy as 1,2,3. These Electric bikes charge as you would a cellphone. Just plug it into an outlet, after 4-6 hours, a full charge can give you up to a 45 mile range. That’s your daily commute without gas and without long lines to and from the tram.

Bikes historically were limited to one design for everyone – not anymore.

A lot of electric bike companies considered their customer’s needs along the way as they brought out new designs and features for their E-bikes. Addmotor bikes are very durable and sturdy and are an excellent choice of electric bike for commuting. Most of their bikes having big fat wheels, which ensures a smooth, all weather ride. All their bikes also have either front or rear suspension (or both) so customers who have knee surgeries, hip replacements or back problems can feel nothing but comfort during their ride. 

Addmotor MOTAN M850 P7 48V 750 Watt Dual Suspension 26 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Electric Mountain Bikes - Electric Bike City

Emojo bikes also add options for folding bikes and tricycles with choices of battery and motor wattage. 48V 500W too much for you? They offer 36V options for their bikes with a variety of colors to choose from. 

E-Mojo Crosstown 36V Electric Folding Bike Electric Folding Bikes - Electric Bike City

X-treme bikes also came up with Electric mopeds. Bikes that look like a scooter. No license? No problem! X-treme made their mopeds without violating any traffic rules or regulations when you drive. Running low on  battery along your commute? They’ve solved this too. The X-treme XB 504 model is designed with pedals just as you would a regular bike, which is a pretty cool feature if you ask me.

X-Treme XB-504 48V Electric Bicycle Moped Electric Bikes - Electric Bike City

In summary, an E-bike is a bike with a motor and a battery?

We vote YES, 100%, and more. These electric bikes we described are designed with lightweight alloy without sacrificing durability during your ride. With proper use and maintenance, these bikes can last you a lifetime. Some manufacturers have even designed the batteries with USB ports built-in if your phone needs a quick charge, you just pop it in and voila, you’re cycling while charging your phone. Some advanced customers even use certain phone apps such as Strava to connect with their bikes to track their speed and mileage.

So you see, electric bicycles have already gone far along from where they started. They’ve taken them to a point where they’re a serious option to consider to replace your traditional vehicle. We can only expect more innovation from these Electric bike companies in the future, sleeker designs, more durable materials and more easy to use features. Take a look at our top selling E-bike from A2B Speed, which offers one of the best warranties in the industry, the highest safety, and longest range which make it the perfect choice for electric bike commuting and fun!

See the 2019 A2B Speed here and learn more!

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