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Trek Super Commuter +8s vs the A2B Entz

Posted by Shoptimized Support on

Trek Super Commuter +8s vs the A2B Entz

This blog post will compare the Trek Super Commuter+ 8S to the A2B Entz belt-drive E-bike.  Both E-bikes are mid-drive motor configurations. Trek SuperCommter+ 8S A2B Entz Deluxe Belt-Drive E-Bike Since Electric Bike City has introduced some clearance models of the A2B Entz we wanted to provide customers a comparison to the 2019 Super Commuter+ 8S from Trek.  As you can see from the table below there are a lot of similarities and even some advantages to the A2B Entz including more comprehensive warranty, digitally shifting of the belt-drive, and more. Comparing Trek Super Commuter+ 8S   A2B Entz Deluxe  ...

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