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The A2B Alva+ and the Elby: Two Ebikes Optimized for the Daily Commute

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Ebikes are making the daily commute a more enjoyable experience for thousands of riders. In addition to making city riding less strenuous, ebikes are saving riders tons of money on avoiding parking and transportation fees and fuel costs.  When looking for an ebike that is ideal for daily commuting, one needs to consider the following four things: Is the frame built with a lightweight, yet durable design?  Does the bike’s battery have a long life and quick charging time?  What is the top speed of the ebike? And how easy is it to read the LED display? In this blog post, we will highlight and compare two bikes designed specifically for daily commutes: The A2B Alva+ and the Elby S1 9-Speed. 

A2B Alva+


The A2B Alva+ is one of the most elegantly designed bikes on the market.  The Alva+ is powerful: equipped with a 500-watt motors that can take riders to speeds up to 24 mph.  It has a light-weight, aluminum frame.  And the Alva+ comes equipped with a backlit LCD display with speed, estimated distance, riding mode, and battery charge information. The bike comes with numerous additional amenities such as an aftermarket LED light (a $50 value), making it one of the best e-bike buys in its price range.  And for a limited time, Electric Bike City will be selling the Alva+ for $1,299.00.  That is over 50% off MSRP. 


Elby S1 9-speed


With its futuristic design, the Elby is a lightweight (57 lbs) 9-speed ebike perfect for commuting in the city.  The Elby also comes with many great features such as a front handle bar mount, a USB port for your smart device, and power stopping. Additionally, the Elby comes with an app that helps you track key metrics in your commutes.  The Elby costs $3,299.00. 


Some key comparisons between the A2B Alva+ and the Elby


A2B Alva+






500-watt brushless DC hub motor 

500-watt BionX Direct Drive

Top Speed

24 mph

20 mph


Tektro Aurigia E-Comp hydraulic disc brakes

Tektro hydraulic brakes for safe effective stopping






When comparing the A2B Alva+ and the Elby, we see that both bikes are similar in many ways.  Both bikes come equipped with a 500-watt motor, are built with a light-weight aluminum frame, and both are built with state-of-the-art Tektro brakes.  The A2B Alva+, however, stands above the Elby in regards to their top speeds, and most importantly price: The Elby is over 2.5 times more expensive than the A2B Alva+ when purchased exclusively through Electric Bike City. Therefore, the electric bike that we would recommend after evaluating the two is the A2B Alva+ due to its similar performance characteristics and significantly lower price tag.


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